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Ever been interested in Japanese Sword Arts?


The perfect opportunity to learn the historic Japanese arts of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo is right under your nose in Cairns and you may not even know it.                                                        
Sensei Katsumi Kuramochi now based in Cairns and here to stay. He has been studying these arts for more than 40 years, and the good news is that he is willing to share some of that knowledge with us.
Beginners are welcome to the  Cairns Kendo Club and the more experienced students are always willing to help. There is no pressure to learn at speed and, unlike some martial arts, the atmosphere, though formal, is relaxed and fun. These sword arts are a precious link to history.



Descending from the ancient Samurai techniques of Kenjutsu (Sword Arts) some 400 years ago, Kendo is the Art of Japanese Fencing. It is played all over the world and can be enjoyed safely by people of any age and sex at any level. Kendo improves hand-eye coordination, strength and over-all fitness. The student learns from the safety of extensive armour and points are scored points using Shinai (Bamboo swords). Practitioners are often described as "peaceful people" and inherit a sense of chivalry long thought to be lost in today 's society .

Training is on Mondays and Thursdays at
6.30pm - 8pm  Cost is $5 per session


In medieval Japan, class separated the  people. Farmers were below the Samurai and were not permitted to carry the long-sword. Struggles against bandits were common and the farmers devised a brilliant method of protecting themselves with a simple wooden stick about 127cm long. This became known as a Jo and thus the Art of Jodo was born. The Jo was also used in daily life as a tool (i.e. carrying water buckets over the shoulders etc). Easily underestimated, the Jo could disarm a swordsman with frightening speed and could also be used against other weapons. Because it is more technique than brute strength involved it became a popular weapon of choice for women.

Sessions are on Sunday 6.00pm - 8.00pm     Cost is $10 per session.


For more information contact:-
Sensei Katsumi Kuramochi 0402 727 461 

email:   cairnskendo@hotmail.com

Come and Watch - You’re Welcome!!



The Art of Drawing the Sword AKA Iaido (ee-i-do). The sword is drawn in such a way that it can be defensive or offensive. However, Iaido is not to be confused with Iai-jutsu (Sword Art for the purpose of Fighting) Those times are over. On the contrary, Iaido signifies the student's struggle against oneself. The object, as in life, is to end the battle without drawing one's sword. Beginners start by using a Bokuto (wooden sword) and later progress to using the Iaito, which is the same in weight and length as the Katana (Long-sword) but not sharp. Students practice the set Kata (forms), not against an opponent, but alone. It is quite meditative and helps to develop the practitioners mind.
By Appointment
Please enquire for time, place and price.